Conscript Graphic Designer / 2020 — 2021

During my sophomore year at RISD the global Covid-19 pandemic broke out causing all classes to be remote for the rest of the school year. Personally I didn’t enjoy paying tuition to sit at home on my computer day in and day out. As a citizen of Finland I had a legal obligation to take part in the nation wide conscription.

During bootcamp I learned about the Ruotuväki monthly news publication, run by a group of conscript journalists, a handful of photographers, and a single graphic designer. I applied as quickly as possible and was accepted as the sole conscript graphic designer.

As the graphic designer I got to work on the layout of our publication during an interesting transitional period when the entire look and feel of the magazine went through a drastic change. From a more traditional looking newspaper published twice a month, to a new magazine representative monthly publication.

Along with working on the layout & creating visual content for the print publication I also had opportunities to work on ad campaigns, creating visual content for the website, bringing the digital publication up to date with international accessibility standards, and more military internal creative endeavors.

Promotional poster for the Ruotuväki newspaper.

Promotional poster

Above is a promotional poster I was put in charge of creating. From the ideation phase, through production, to the final implementation I was the lead designer.

Several selected spreads

Click on either page to flip through the other spreads, or click in the center to be taken to the digital publication.